Google Crawler Moves to The Latest Version of Chromium

Google Crawler New Update!

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Google at the recently held Google I/O conference announced an update to Googlebot, the company’s web crawler. The new update will make the crawler ‘evergreen’, i.e: it will always be updated on Google’s Chromium.

The company made an announcement with this post:

“Today, we are happy to announce that Googlebot now runs the latest Chromium rendering engine (74 at the time of this post) when rendering pages for Search. Moving forward, Googlebot will regularly update its rendering engine to ensure support for latest web platform features.”

Googlebot was earlier lagging behind in an effort to index pages that are compatible with previous versions of the Chrome browser.

What Is Google Chromium?

Chromium is an open-source and free web browser designed by Google. It supplies most source codes for Google Chrome, which is among the most popular web browsers today.

The two browsers are quite similar but with a few differences in terms of interface and design.

What Does This New Update Change?

This means the crawler will now be able to crawl all the modern features and websites including JavaScript and ES6. According to the reports, it supports more than 1,000 new features.

As a result, more content on your website will be searched by Google. This will have a direct impact on your search engine ranking since the search engine will be able to index more pages without requiring special efforts.

This will also make the job easier for you since you will not have to spend a lot of time coming up with solutions to get Google to index your pages.

What Google Says

The company issued this statement:

“You should check if you’re transpiling or use polyfills specifically for Googlebot and if so, evaluate if this is still necessary. If they are not necessary, you can consider removing these.”

However, there is still some work that needs to be done. The company said:

“There are still some limitations, so check our troubleshooter for JavaScript-related issues and the video series on JavaScript SEO.”

Check out the video below for potential issues you should be aware of on JavaScript issues.

What Does This New Update Mean For Us?

As a user or SEO Management Services provider, you will be able to concentrate less on SEO and more on creating original and informative content. This, however, does not mean that you can totally forget about crawlers.

They’ll still be there searching for new content to rank and index. The only difference is that you will no more have to put effort into telling Googlebot what to do.

You will still have to create an SEO friendly website. It should work well on mobile devices and should contain SEO-friendly content including images and videos. Talk to a top digital marketing agency to know more.


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In today’s modern society – it is not surprising to find 56% of traffic on major websites come from mobile. What’s more interesting is Google announced that mobile searches for local information surpassed desktop searches in many countries. People are constantly searching for information and communicating using their smartphones and definitely, you will see the percentage of mobile searches will increase even further.

Therefore, almost all the SEO companies that provide webs design services will ensure this element is included. If you want to rank well on the Google search engine then you should concern about the mobile-friendly & responsiveness of the website. So, let’s see what is a mobile-friendly and responsive website?

How to know if your website needed to change?

If your website requires users have to pinch or zoom in order to read the content it is likely that your website is “unfriendly” and it will cause most users to get frustrated and abandon the site which in turn can cause a lower search engine ranking on Google.

Examples of mobile-friendly & responsive website on a mobile as illustrated by Google

To accurately know whether your website complies with Google mobile-friendly guideline- you can check it on this link, Google Mobile Friendly Test. It will also show you some important factors. For example: content readability, navigation usability, etc.

What to do next?

If the Google Mobile-Friendly Test result showed not mobile friendly, there are a few steps you can do.

– If you want to save cost on a web developer, a simple way is to do-it-yourself. You can do so by finding a mobile-friendly website templates from third-party website software.

– Or you can outsource to web developers to do-it-for-you to save time.


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