Andy Ang – Being a highly accredited financial consultant with the largest independent-owned financial advisory firm in Singapore, Andy uses his strengths and expertise in risk management, wealth accumulation, and legacy planning to bridging his clients’ gap between limited resources and goals in the midst of their heavy financial commitments. After spending 9 years in the industry, he is humbled by how much more there is to know about financial planning, and strives to be on top of new strategies to better address his clients’ needs in this contemporary environment.

Xueyi – Being a financial consultant for the past 7 years means more than just managing money for Xueyi. The fulfilment comes from the relationships forged with clients, which enable her to understand their preferences and needs better. From there, she takes joy in not just finding the ‘best’ solution, by the ‘best suited’ solution catered for the season to meet their financial objectives. Financial well-being is more than building physical wealth, but to have contentment and free from the worries of money, not compromising on the quality of life.