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Are Black Hat SEO Practices Worth The Risk?

By 28 January 2020 February 1st, 2020 No Comments

3 Mins Read – By Team Ninja 

Ever came across the phrase ‘Black Hat SEO’? So what exactly what does it means? In this article, we are going to explore the definition of Black Hat SEO and why some people still use it despite knowing that there will be consequences involved.

It is often perceived higher-ranking status means a step ahead to lead generation and increase of sales figures. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people might resort to using Black Hat SEO to achieve their goals faster. 

So, exactly what is Black Hat SEO Practices?

Black hat SEO is a practice that violated the search engine guidelines to achieve a higher ranking in the search result. 

How does Google detects it?

Google creates the search engine bot, also known as Spiderbot, which is programmed to crawl and index websites. It is also to catch and penalises sites that are using black hat SEO. 

Why do people still use Black Hat SEO? 

Doing White Hat SEO# is going to take weeks or months for Spiderbot to crawl. Therefore, those who do not have the patience to wait will resort to using it. 

Such unethical SEO practices are to cheat the spiders and bots that which can lead to search engine penalising a website. For instance, through the use of deceptive SEO, a website can be ranked low or even banned from the search engines.

Our recommendation, as a rule of thumb, the best practice is to focus on setting up your website through proper and acceptable practices.

Fun fact: Do you know that Google carries out these updates for over hundreds of times in a year? This is to ensure that the search results provide relevant and updated information, that why Google is one of the preferred search engines in the world for web user! 


#White Hat SEO refers to using techniques that follow the search engine guidelines

So what’s next? 

We understand it may be overwhelming for you to research on your own to find out what are the common mistakes that most website owners make. Therefore, in the next article, we list down a few common black hat techniques used by many to rank their websites higher but nowhere to be found later on. Stay tuned to check if you might unintentionally do the same.

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