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Have You Have Done This To Your Website?

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2 Mins Read – By Team Ninja 

So, what is exactly is duplicate content and why it’s not advisable. In this post, you are about to find out ‘what deem as duplicate content in the Google algorithm and how to avoid/minimize doing it. 

Duplicate content is about content found on multiple pages under one domain. That is to say, if you have several pages that show exactly the same, or very similar, type of information.

This may include simply copying an entire section of text and content and then copying it to a new page or rewriting the previous content without adding value or rewriting.

What does Google say? 

Duplicate content generally refers to substantial blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin …” – Google

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for having copied content within one website. It can be about customer reviews, company presentations linked news and more.

Google advocates the use of a rel = canonical tag to point to its original content.

The important thing that you need to bring with you is that your text should be unique and offer new value for ranking on Google.

Does Google penalize duplicate content?

There is no Google penalty for duplicate content. If you take an article from DN and then post it on your website, you will not be penalized from the Google page. This is something that many have believed is the case and is a common SEO myth.

However, Google filters out search results that are duplicate versions of the same content if they are broadly similar. Google then chooses to display a canonicalized (source) and URL to display in the search results.

What Google really dislikes!

What Google doesn’t like that can negatively impact your SEO is if your website has “thin” content, duplicated (rewritten) content or almost exactly the same content. What you really need to know is that Google has smart algorithms that can determine whether your text is unique or not.

Also, be careful to write profound texts that are in-depth and really respond to the viewer’s intent in a profound way from multiple perspectives.



If you are copying text from other sources, be sure to source well correctly! If you unsure or need help in optimizing your content to SEO-Friendly. Be sure to check us out –  SEO Management Company  and reach out to us for advice. If you have managed to scroll down to read this part, you are amazing. Till then. Please check out our other posts. 

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